Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Vote for G!

On a whim, I entered G in the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animal's photo content to celebrate I Love NY Pets Month. I used my favorite picture of G smiling like a crazy pup in Riverside Park, because, if nothing else that's one prettie pittie smile, don't you think?

How is she a quintessential New Yorker, you ask? Well, born and raised in the City (she even came to me via the Mayor's Alliance!), G embodies the vibrancy and sassiness of this great town - using each day as an excuse to try something new or go somewhere she's never been. She's an especially big aficionado of the Park scene here in NYC, often trotting on little known park paths multiple times a day, leaving her "mark," if you will. :)

So, if you have a moment, log on and vote for G! For local pups - enter your own pictures (Havi, Lucy, Pinky - I'm looking at you!).