Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News!

G and I trotted over to the vet's office last night and we received generally good news:
  • We are up-to-date on all of our shots.
  • The subcutaneous fat masses are actually common ingrown hairs follicles that balloon with fluids. They are fine to be left alone (forever), but one day may eventually "pop" and go away. Nothing major. 
  • Her lymph nodes are no swollen at all, so the overall lumpiness is most likely G just filling in and/or muscle definition.
  • The little skin growths under her eye will need to come off the next time she goes under for a procedure (unless they get larger) since we wouldn't want to knock her out for a procedure so minor.
  • And finally, the limp is going to require her 24/7 bed rest for 2 weeks so that the Rimadyl has a fighting chance to kick back in. If it doesn't get better by then, she has to go in to see her third orthopedist in as many years. 
That last one is going to be the hardest to stick to. Since we're moving, G has to go to daycare in order to allow potential renters to look at the apartment during the day, but she needs to be resting when she's there (easier said than done for sure). Oh well, we'll take it day by day. Today's she's home napping away, so hopefully the downtime will make a difference!


  1. Good luck with the downtime, I know how hard it its to keep them still. let me know if we can help! feel better g,love havs!

  2. Feel better G!!! Glad to hear the visit went so well!!! Motley my pit bull says hey and will keep G in his puppy thoughts!!!

    Check motley out at http://thepitbullpalace.blogspot.com/ if you get a chance

  3. Glad to hear it isn't bad, though the bed rest could get hard. SuperLevi was doing some puzzles when he just got his eye surgery; I think it helped a bit.

  4. Lawdy, that was a lot of tests. But so glad to hear good news. I say good luck to you my furiend on keeping still. Yikes. Good idea from Two Pitties about puzzles. Hopefully the vet can give you some meds to help be still too. Try to rest G!