Sunday, February 26, 2012

UPDATE: Positive Pittie Press

UPDATE: Now is jumping aboard the Sophie Aniston wagon with this article here. Plus, check out the mind-boggling cuteness in this Ellen clip (about 25 seconds in) of little Sophie zipped up in a coat!
I'm a celebrity gossip junkie and I love reading positive stories about pitties in the press. This next article, courtesy of Celebitchy (my most favorite celeb blog this side of dListed), combined my love of both as, lo and behold, Jennifer Aniston's newest addition to her fur-family is a pit-boxer mix (and if you look at the pictures, you can tell they're being pretty generous about the 'boxer' portion of this pup!).

Jen talked about little Sophie at her recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and even brought some pictures (about 1:30 into the below video). So cute and such a positive message! A rescued, adora-bull, pittie baby for everyone to fawn over, adopted by none other than America's Sweetheart. I die!


  1. What a precious puppy! Also glad to hear that Ms. Aniston is committed to training her.

  2. Beautiful little puppy. Love that 2nd picture, so cute.


  3. Yay for good press! And such a precious puppy :)

  4. I saw some photos on the Ellen show, and we were so excited to see such positive publicity. Plus, how cute is that dog??

  5. I'm also a celebrity gossip junky! I've never been a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, but this might change my mind!