Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We are still alive...

And we realized we missed our 1 year Blog-o-versary!

We haven't forgotten about you, things have just been insanely busy at work over the past few weeks. Top it all off, I went to Newport on a little mini-vacation for Memorial Day while G stayed at daycare, so we've spending a lot of time staring into each others' eyes and talking (well, from one side at least) about how much we missed each other.

We'll be posting much more in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking a Break

After a busy morning on our Big Apple Pittie Pack walk through Central Park, G made it with only three or four lay-down-and-sprawl-on-the-concrete, thank-you-very-much-I-am-finished-walking episodes. G and her puppy friend, Dosa, even walked back up north together after the walk concluded - it was really great! G and Dosa sniffed flowers and potty stains together all over the UWS.

Per usual, G (and I) came home and passed out. That's why I was surprised that around 3:30, G decided she wanted to go on another walk. Now, for most dogs, this wouldn't be big news, but for my little limping G, it's a pretty rare thing!

Well, we walked pretty slowly and she only went where she could be in the shade, but we had a great time! She made it 95% of the way back home and decided to take a breather, but I was so impressed with her endurance, I was happy to oblige her!

Tough life, eh?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashionista: Monograms, Monograms Everywhere

I've recently posted on my obsession with all things custom and, thusly, all things Etsy. I've been pining for a monogram necklace for awhile now. I'm typically not that big into initials or monograms at all, but I wanted a way to "symbolically" join both myself and G on an elegant piece of jewelry, that I could where (everywhere).

Once again, this was a tall order to find a necklace that I could commit to:

  1. I wanted a small, engraved disc (no more than 1/2").
  2. Obviously, I was very picky about the script - I'm usually a minimalist, but when it comes to monograms - the curlier the better!
  3. Finally, I wanted my initials on one disc and G's single initial on another one.
Well, I searched and searched and finally found a great store, Gaudy Baubles, and quickly purchased the half inch monogram pendant. It was so simple and beautiful, I just fell in love.

The store didn't offer the option of 2 discs together - one with a full monogram and one with a single initial, so I convo'ed the store owner and she was more than happy to make me a custom bauble.

Well, the necklace came last week and I'm totally obsessed with it. The whole experience was a great one and I wear my necklace with pride. In a small way, I feel like a take a part of G with me when I wear it and that peace of mind is priceless! :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Collar Time!!

It's spring time and that means new collar time for G! 

As with most things dog-related, I'm very (borderline ridiculously) picky about what I purchase for her. Form, function and (usually) cost all need to align in a trifecta of doggie perfection in order for me to commit to a sale, and G's newest collar is no exception.

G is a (in my mind at least) delicate little flower of a drama queen who will only don the most girlish of accessories. I do this both because a) it accentuates her hourglass figure - heh and b) I think it adds a bit of approachability to a dog that most people would shy away from. For instance, Two Pitties in the City have had several posts about Miss M and Mr. B's various outfits and apparel. I love seeing Miss M in her tutu frolicking around Chicago's various neighborhoods, getting pets and usually pictures from strangers, big and small.

So the criteria for G's new spring collar was as follows:
  • Girly (borderline prissy)
  • Narrow - this collar is not used to attach her leash, thus I don't want an oversized, bulky "necklace" that overwhelms her smaller figure
  • No plastic buckles - metal only (she's a classy canine, what can I say)
  • Unique (read: custom), but not a majillion dollars
My favorite place for custom and usually inexpensive doggie accessories is Etsy (okay, let's be honest, my favorite place pretty much period is Etsy). I lucked out in finding the wonderful store of r.e.stowe and found G's super girly, 3/4" wide, 18-22" long, metal buckled spring fashionista collar:
pink and green jacobean metal buckle dog collar (3/4 inch)
It came yesterday and it is the CUTEST thing in the whole wide world. Ever. Not to mention, the shop owner was very responsive, super fast and nice! G literally pranced around the street last night and stopped to show every doorman her newest "outfit." 

I tried to snap a picture, but G was really busy chewing her bone and bouncing around so it was somewhat difficult to get a good shot (note the blurry noggin):

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dog Collar Padding

Now that we've committed to using the Gentle Leader Head Collar, we've been trying to figure out how best to  pad the underside of the snout loop. G's delicate fur tends to rub off (you can see a patch in the picture below above her jowl) and she will still take any opportunity to try and scrape it offer her nose if I'm not paying attention.

We looked into the "deluxe" Gentle Leader system, but (we're prissy) we really don't like any of the prints they offer. They tend to be in red, blue or black and we like to minimize the head collar as much as possible by purchasing it in a complementary color to G's coat (we go with the fawn). I've found the darker colors tend to prompt people to think it's a muzzle rather than an anti-pull device.

We've also invested in a 6 foot, 3/8" matching fawn color leash with a much smaller clasp, so the metal doesn't clank against her shoulders or chin when we're walking. Previously, we had been using a 1/2" inch leash and the weight of the clasp seemed excessive and bothersome to G when walking. It seems to have reduced the rubbing somewhat, by I'm still looking for some type of padding.

Our next "try" will include either adhesive moleskin or sheepskin on the underside of the muzzle loop, but was wondering if anyone knows of other possible fixes for this issue? Do you know any other products that might help?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not Moving, Can't Make Me

Sometimes, my little pittie princess is too stubborn for her own good. While she enjoys a nice walk in the park as much as the next pup, if I walk too fast or try a new route, I often times get G's spot-on impersonation of Dead Weight, as evidenced in the picture below.

Much like our last Pack Walk, G likes to communicate via the Pavement Splay, letting me know she is finished walking (or is not walking in that particular direction or at that speed), thank you very much. If it wasn't so cute, it would be downright annoying, but at the same time it does make me stop and look around and enjoy all the city has to offer. Somehow, it makes me a little more present, keeping me out of my own head and focused on what's happening in front of me in the moment.

In a way, it's quite the insightful trick she has.