Wednesday, February 8, 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

One of the few things I don't love about my current apartment is that it faces North. This means that throughout the day - even on the sunniest of the sunny - there is no direct sunlight into the apartment. It hasn't been a huge issue and all of our plants have continued to thrive, however, the 2 cats have clearly been missing the luxury of lounging in the warmth.

In our new apartment, we have 2 south facing windows which get light all day in the living room and - based on the below picture - I think M and P are going to be thrilled!

Note: this rare beam of sunlight is actually a reflection of the sun on windows across the street from us! We take what we can get :)


  1. HA! I know how you feel. We live in the back part of our building, so we also get less direct sunlight, which makes the cats sad. So whenever a spot of sunlight comes into the front room, the cats and dog fight it out for spots in the sun! That's great that your new place will have more light. :)