Monday, January 30, 2012

Read About our Pack Walk!

Thanks to the fabulousness that is Two Grad Students and A Pittie, the most recent post is about of our first NYC pack walk! So cute, fun and a lot of tongue in the pictures to boot!

I have to second Grad Student's post and say we learned a lot, but it was nothing we couldn't handle and it was a fantastic experience - not to mention, an awesome way to socialize pups and people. Right off the bat, I heard a couple say, "It's a Pittie Parade!"

Here's to next time!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekends are for Walking

G and I spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend since the weather was unseasonably warm. On Saturday we spent a lot of time in Riverside Park meandering from park bench to park bench to get the most sunshine. G wouldn't even pose without sunning herself (note her squinty eyes - it was so bright!).

On Sunday at 10am, we had our inaugural NYC pittie blog walk (I don't think we even have a name yet!) with 5 bloggers and 5 pitties and it was super fun. We cruised through Central Park and even with the small numbers, we still got lots of attention from passers-by. Pictures, I'm sure, will follow!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sneak Attack

As is evidenced by the sheer volume of shots I've posted of G napping away on my bed, G sleeps with me. I know, I know, some folks are strongly opposed to sharing a bed with your pups, but for me, it's a nice time of the day, when G is an ultimate snuggle-butt and we get some quality time before dozing off.

I've tried in the past to keep her off my bed and on the floor. It works for about 3 hours and then she's up sitting at the foot of my bed, whining in her high-pitched voice and I cave. Yes, I am sucker.

In the past, I've mentioned before G's sleep habits are those of legend - see this post - and especially in the colder months she is a fiend for under-cover time.

My favorite thing to do when I know she's in the process of a gnarly pass-out it is to sneak attack her with the camera, hoping to catch a hilarious moment. I make sure she's well into Dreamland (this is fairly easy to spot, as she starts to twitch, chase and bark in her sleep), lift up the covers just enough to see her snout and SNAP!

Yes, that is G's tongue trying to make the great escape (a signature after-day-care pose). Sometimes, I wonder who has more patience in our relationship - me or her! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

I love to lounge!

Here's G after a long and productive day at daycare looking only slightly worse for the wear. She was so happy to go this morning, I could hardly slow her down on the way (typically, she gives me a look that says "Lady, I'm sleeping, go away!").

I knew it was money well spent, though, as tonight it took us nearly 15 minutes to walk 5 blocks (that's a loooong time l, especially in the rain!).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting G's Galoshes On

As I mentioned yesterday, the snow came (maybe 2 inches in all) finally on Friday evening and Saturday morning, which meant the salt arrival was imminent.

I understand the use of salt on the sidewalks and as an urbanite who has to walk come rain, sleet or snow, I can even appreciate it's protective properties. That being said, I as a dog owner, I've become pretty leery when I see the stuff sprinkled on the sidewalk and crosswalks, because I know how painful in can be when it gets between the sensitive toes and pads of pups.

There have been several instances (especially last year when NYC had a snowmageddon in January) where G was walking along and a nonchalant step caused her to yelp in pain and hobble down the street. Last year, I frequently ended up carrying her from several blocks away to home because the salt was stinging so badly.

I had some winter snow booties for her that were okay, but I noticed they were awkward to get on and off, wore easily if they became loose, fell off frequently and tended to soak through. Not to mention, they also made G walk like pigeon-toed chicken, as she would pick up her feet and try and kick the shoe off with each step. Even walking several blocks, she still waddled in them due to their bulk.

After one particularly bad salt instance, I finally picked up G's golashes (aka Protex Pawz) - which are essentially balloons that stretch over her paws. The nice thing about them is they don't have any additional padding which allows her to feel like her feet are still on the pavement and cuts down on the waddle.

Albeit, a bit awkward still to get on and off, they are eons better than the cushy booties she had before and at about $15 for a pack of $16, relatively more affordable (I reuse each Pawz until one rips - I am still on the same pack from last January).

And despite the fact that, yes, they are essentially balloons, they still look cute!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's Snowing!

So G's in bed ... snoozing!

The balloon shoes are going to be coming out this weekend, so I'll make sure to snap some photos. Embarrassing, maybe, but effective? Always!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

and now a word from the cats...

The exhibitionist that is my smaller cat, M, displaying his amazing ability to imitate a sloth. The over-it-eye-roller that is my larger cat, P, displaying his annoyance.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


G and I took a (brief) stroll outside yesterday, but had to cut it a bit short due to the cold (it's SO cold!). I caught this candid of my little lady giving her thoughts on the chill and the fact that she had not one, but two coats to stay warm!

That being said, despite the freezing temps, Riverside Park still looks dreamy! :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Positive Pittie Press

Well, this isn't so much positive press as it is positive pittie reinforcement - but, hey, I take it where I can get it! :)

I guess I can start to spill the beans - my mom and I are in the process of purchasing an apartment in NYC. We've just finished the Board Book process and hope to move at some point before the end of February!

Before my Board Book (which is basically your life, laid out in every painstaking detail, printed and bound for the Board of a co-op to peruse and review) could be finalized, I had to swing by Midtown yesterday to sign several documents. I met up with my broker and was taken to a small seating area in amongst broker offices. Lo and behold, there was a large photo-mural on the wall (these images were used in the company's most-recent marketing campaigns) and look what I spied with my little eye:

A black-nosed, white headed, padiddled pittie!! Basically a spitting image of G (minus the dark ear and darker coat), I was so pleased to see this! Aside from being really freakin' cute, it made me so happy to see a pittie represented so beautifully in a national marketing campaign. Sweet!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hiding in Plain Sight

As you may have noticed from the array of shots posted to this blog, G is a sleeper and topsy turvy one at that! Sometimes I find her twisted up in the oddest of ways, oblivious to the world and dreaming away. Many times, when picking her up from daycare, I'll be regaled with stories of G passing out and the caregivers concern that she was in pain or even, literally, knocked out.

As a professional sleep enthusiast myself, I find her sprawlings to be thoroughly entertaining and thought I'd share a picture of her at my grandmother's house over break. Obviously, at a loss for her amazing L.L. Bean bed at home, she simply tried to snuggle into "her" sheet and take a snooze. Probably wasn't too easy though, seeing as I was (noisily) creeping around her snapping her photo every 5 seconds!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Settling in for a Cold Snap

Well, it looks like winter is going to visit us here in NYC tomorrow and G is already getting into the spirit. Whereas in the summer, she can't get enough of the cool wood floors, come fall, this dog is all about snuggling under blankets to heat herself ... ah, to be a shorthaired pup!

Here's G looking somewhat nun-like all wrapped up in her blankets. It's not supposed to get out of the 20's tomorrow, so I wouldn't be too surprised to find her in the same spot in the morning!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yup, that's pretty much how I'm feeling right now, too - amazing how G can be such a mirror :)