Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lame and a Leash?

As you know, G's been on "bed rest" now for a little over a week. Her lameness in her left front leg has definitely improved, but it's still not 100% better.

On a whim, I decided to switch off of her Gentle Leader harness because the central point of pressure on that is right at the shoulders:

I moved back to her martingale, which is great, but I definitely feel less incontrol. She can tug much, much harder and I'm worried that my perceived lack of control, along with her strength may not be the best combination.

I've thought about going back to her Gentle Leader head collar, but she hates it and people tend to think it's a muzzle. I want to go back to the harness, but I don't want to compromise her front leg.

Any thoughts on collars/harnesses to try next?


  1. We'll hopefully have some options for you to try at the next Big Apple Pittie Pack Walk!

  2. I hate that people think our foster is wearing a muzzle when she has a Gentle Leader on but honestly, it's the only thing I can get her to walk decent on! Her trainer can walk her on a regular plain old collar, but alas, I am not a trainer so Gentle Leader it is. We just try to use it as an opportunity to educate people.

  3. Ugh, I understand this... so frustrating. Zoe was lame on-and-off for over a month (she pulled something in her shoulder), and we had the same issue. I ended up just doing the head collar because it was the only way I could control her. My husband can handle her with just the martingale, so he did that when he was walking with her. But I agree with you that it doesn't look good to seem not in control with your dog. So frustrating! I hope Miss G feels better soon! <3