Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Positive Pittie Press

Can I get a what's up from my Hunger Games fans - courtesy of BuzzFeed, Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta) adopted an adora-bull little blue nose pittie! I have to say, it doesn't seem like that puppy is going to be tiny for very much longer - look at those paws!

Wordless Wednesday: Bench Points

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Confessions of Canine Drama Queen

G and I attended the sixth Big Apple Pittie Pack walk yesterday in beautiful (and crowded!) Central Park.

As we've documented over the past few months, G has been struggling with her limp a bit on longer walks, but recently (thank you, Gentle Leader!) it's gotten significantly better. The Rimadyl seems to have started working again and we can take long-ish walks without too much fear of overexertion (within reason).

Since G and I are in charge of selecting routes, we typically end up leading the walk for part of the time (when she can keep up), trading off when she gets distracted (did someone just pee?).

Well, yesterday, G got about 93% of the way through the walk and decided, okay, I'm finished now. How did she let everyone know? She parked it. Just stopped walking and went for the attention-seeking belly splay.

I call this the "I is finished now- please to give me kisses," act!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Not so Wordless Wednesday

I thought briefly about doing a Wordless Wednesday and then realized there haven't been many words at all from us lately. It's been quite the past few weeks for G and I, and I would be lying if I told you there haven't been some extremely dark moments. The situation we have encountered in our new home is so beyond anything I've previously dealt with, I have experienced a whole roller coaster of emotions I didn't know I could.

For me, a true home body in every sense of the phrase, incidents that were so uproarious to the peaceful balance I've come to expect from my apartments, past and present, made me feel lost. I was scared. Scared to make a sound, scared to walk too "loudly," scared to have G or I make an impression (good or bad) on anyone in the building, lest I persuade another neighbor to agree with the character from the third floor - that somehow G or I were a nuisance in the building.

This person - this unhinged individual - was winning this stupid mind game he had begun. His verbal and physical threats were taking their toll on both G and I. I tiptoed around, I stopped eating, I herded G as quickly as I could out of the building. I tried to find odd hours to take her out so as to see as few people as possible. I tried to blend in and stopped living my life freely.

The saddest part is that as I began to modify my behaviors to avoid, avoid, avoid, I began to treat G differently. Don't make a peep, G. Don't hesitate in the hallway, G. Bend to this unyielding anxiety, G, and just play along.

Today, I was propositioned to resell my apartment, believe it or not. I would likely take a (large) loss, but I could be away from this person forever. I thought about it for awhile this afternoon and while I haven't figured out anything one way or the other, a friend/co-worker said something to me that really stood out: "There will be assholes anywhere you go. You can't disrupt your life because of this person's prejudices."

Sure, many people have said something similar to me over the past few weeks, but maybe this time I was more willing to believe it. I can't run from uncomfortable situations in life - sometimes the way everyone learns the biggest lessons is to simply face these things head on.

I know, ultimately, G and I will prevail. I have faith in this singular belief. G and I have done nothing wrong - G hasn't barked at a single pup or person in this building (okay, aside from the delivery guy!). I will involve the police again, if need be, and will not hesitate to work with a lawyer to use the law if it continues to escalate.

Something this whole situation has taught me, though, despite taking its toll physically and mentally, is that I am tough and I am surrounded by wonderful, reasonable people. I also have an amazing, amazing dog, who is at the top of her Adult training class that we began yesterday (we're aiming for our CGC certification!). She is smart, wonderful and the absolute light of my life.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Bad News

I apologize for the lack of posting recently, but quickly after our move 3 weeks ago, G and I started to get harassed by a neighbor who is angry that a dog of her perceived "breed" moved into the building. I documented the first incident a few weeks ago, but unfortunately, despite my and the Board's best efforts, his harassment has not ceased - instead it has become more frequent, more aggressive and more troublesome.

Typically, because he is afraid (slash irate) of G, it's been verbal abuse in the hallways - disconcerting, but not unbearable - because he won't come near me if I have the dog. Last night, when I came into the building without G after work, he deliberately used his physical presence in an aggressive manor to intimidate me while I was waiting for the elevator. I had no choice but to file a police report.

I've heard some excuses for the man based on some incidents in his past and in the building: he was bitten by a dog when he was a child and there is an aggressive dog that has bitten a shareholder in the building recently (a Corgi mix). While the incidents are unfortunate, this has nothing to do with G and I and we are being targeted and harassed by someone who is clearly unhinged.

What I find ironic about the whole situation is that there is a pit mix that lives directly across the hall from him, but he chooses to loudly and aggressively harass me as a new shareholder.

Needless to say, I'm very worried for my and G's safety in the building and we are exploring all of our options. This is truly an unbelievable situation - I have never heard of anything like this happening and it's heartbreaking that our move to our own place has been marred so greatly by the actions of a lunatic.

Luckily, there are several neighbors who are aware of the situation and are disgusted by the incidents. The NYPD was extremely supportive of me when I went in yesterday and it was a relief to know that they were taking the incidents seriously.

I'm taking G home this weekend because I need some distance from the situation.

Blogosphere, any suggestions about how to handle this going forward are greatly appreciated! Your continued support means so much!!

Monday, April 2, 2012