Friday, December 2, 2011

TGIF: How to Lose a Fluffy Toy in 10 Seconds ...

This was my birthday toy from daycare all brand new and fluffy - can you see the pure joy and longing in my eyes?

This was my fluffy toy about 8 seconds into our lovefest (notice: my head was moving too fast for my mom's screen to catch it!):

Finally, I am a fulfilled prettie little pittie, looking over all that I have accomplished in such a short time, in this, my fourth year on Earth. I even smiled for the camera! :)


  1. Yes! You look like you were in complete bliss. What else are stuffies for anyway?

    Kitty (and Coco the gentle one)

  2. On no! You must love them & cuddle them for at least 5 minutes before you de-stuff them :) You do look awfully pretty.

    Pauley James

  3. That's adorable. She looks so pleased with herself afterwords. My pup Trinity didn't de-stuff her toys until my friends dog showed her how to. But she carries the limp animal in her mouth around the house. Trinity says, "Happy Birthday G!"