Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to my Goose!

Today is G's 4th birthday and I cannot believe it has been 4 short years since she came into my life. Happy Birthday, Goosie!!

The first night she and L were with me, I was totally in love and totally scared (puppies were SUCH a responsibility). I remember when the Mayor's Alliance volunteer handed me G to whisk away from her car to my apartment, G fell fast asleep on my shoulder. I looked at my mom and told her "I'm in love!":

L, G's sister, was also feeling mighty sleepy that evening and sacked out in my arms later on:

G even did her signature stretccccch when I put her in her bed (which was destroyed by puppy teeth a mere 12 hours later):

But then, finally, the two kiddos woke up and haven't stopped playing since! Gosh, amazing how time flies!!

P.S. Here are some very curious kitties!


  1. Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 3!

  2. Wow those are adorable puppy pictures! Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Bday G!!!! You were pretty much the cutest puppy ever. Hope you get four huge bully sticks as a present.