Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fashionista: Pittie Fan-wear

For better or worse, G is subjected to my love of my hometown, Syracuse - and since we are number 1 in basketball right now (yes, I'm knocking on wood!!), I thought it might be high time to get G some serious 'Cuse duds for Christmas. G is obviously totally indifferent, however, I've had my eye on this sweater for a few months now. I've held off on purchasing it, lest I totally jinx the team (at times, I am a typical Syracuse pessimist), but I finally caved when I was home for the holidays visiting my grandma. I spotted the doggie sweater at the mall and for $14, and I thought, what the heck!

Well, I bought the adorable sweater and it fits G like it was made for her! Now that we are back in the city, it's the perfect weight/warmth to use right now as it's between 40-45 degrees during the day. We've been back less than 24 hours and G has already made 3 friends on account of people reading her sweater and saying "Hey, I went there!" or "Hey, I'm from there!"

I've been struggling a bit with feeling lonely here in the city as of late and it's been a really nice to have a quick conversation starter involving 2 things I love - G and the 'Cuse. Happy Holidays!!


  1. G looks adorable in her new sweater. $14 is a steal!!

  2. Very cute, and I love when anything can be a conversation starter.
    P.S. I'm a Jayhawk!