Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Execute the Perfect Photo-bomb by G

Even when the camera isn't turned on her, G somehow has a keen ability to photobomb the background of my pictures. This should have been a "and now a word from the cat(s)" entry, but G just couldn't help herself - so instead, please take some pointers from her on how to stealthily sneak into a background undetected:

  1. Wait until your human isn't paying attention 
  2. Casually glance up from your sleeping position
  3. Longingly stare into the camera lens
  4. Wonder why your human isn't taking a photo of you
  5. Think: Cats?! Who needs cats - they just sleep all the time!
  6. Sigh audibly so that your human understands your disappointment


  1. We often enjoy who shows up in the background of our pictures more than the actual subject. Too funny!