Friday, November 4, 2011

Model Cab Behavior

I've posted before about riding in cabs with pups, and proper doggie etiquette (personal opinion) for those rides. G and I are intimately familiar with the whole cab process as most of my friends happen to live on the Lower East Side (diagonal across the island of Manhattan from our apartment)!

The other day after flagging down a cab to come back home, G demonstrated how to impress cabbies by laying down calmly on the floor and going to sleep during the ride home. It's funny - I find she's a little like a toddler, who can get really discombobulated when initially getting in a car, but after a few minutes, the movement tends to lull her right to sleep!

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  1. I love, love seeing this! People think it's impossible to own a big pooch if you don't have a car, but Miss M and I have taken many a cab ride together. Most of the drivers are really nice, and we do make sure to tip well to pay-it-forward so they know all dog-owners are quite nice.