Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sleeping with G

G has slept in my bed since she was reliably housebroken (so about a year old).

I've posted before about what a fidgeter she is, but last night was really "busy" for her. Since I've added my winter comforter, it makes the bed extra warm. Since it does get so warm, I tend to keep a fan going to ensure the air is circulating in the room. Well, this leads to G going in and out and in and out of the covers - getting too cold when she's on top of the covers and too warm when she's under them.

Since she's not allowed on the couch's any longer, nights are the one time that we can curl up and snuggle together and I'm really hesitant to make her sleep on the floor. I just don't want to miss out on that time together. That being said, it's getting harder and harder to deal with her restlessness (which ultimately becomes my restlessness).

Still, potentially having her stay the entire night on her bed, is becoming more difficult to resist:

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