Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Parkin' it with my Pittie

This past weekend was packed with gorgeous Northeast autumn weather. G and I woke up bright and early (that daylight savings time is still messing with me!) on Saturday and off-leashed for a bit in Riverside Park. It was a wonderful experience because G, when onleash, actually allowed all sorts and sizes of dogs to greet her. We've had some trouble with leash reactivity when greeting other pups, so I was thrilled with this progress!

Around noon, G and I headed to Central Park to meet up with my friends and listen to a lecture on Andrew H. Green, the city commissioner who is credited with creating the NYC grid system. My friend, who is getting her PhD at Rutgers in American History, loves this type of thing and it couldn't have been more enjoyable (and interesting)! G was an angel throughout the entire lecture, sitting or sleeping in the grass and listening attentively.

G even had a sip of my cider (part of the ceremony for Mr. Green) when we did a toast!

Because it was such a gorgeous day, we walked the bridal path for a bit after the lecture and I got this amazing shot of Central Park (click to enlarge). As much as I can complain about city living, I think for once, I have to admit, I really love New York:

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