Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

Just wanted to pass along our Happy Thanksgiving wishes, albeit a little late, to everyone in the blogosphere! G and I were actually separated for Thanksgiving (sniff) as I went down to see my dad in North Carolina and she stayed in the city with my mom for the week, but it looks like she had a pretty good time regardless:

An interesting story from my time away: I received a call from my doorman on Wednesday evening (I was at a bar in Cary, NC watching my dad's band and a basketball game) saying that my neighbors were complaining about G barking. He added, "It sounds like she's in distress."

As G is the only dog on the floor, I immediately called my mom (who happened to be at the basketball game I was watching on TV) and told her to get home to handle this. We were both confused because G had her Cit collar on and doesn't typically howl any more in regards to separation anxiety.

Well, by the time my mom made it home - having had to leave the game around half-time - it was clear that the barking wasn't G at all. There is a dog that visits an apartment a few doors down and he/she was simply howling. When my mom called me on the phone, it sounded like the dog was in my apartment it was so loud - and, yes, the dog was clearly stressed out.

I felt very bad for the pup and for its owner - it's never fun to get complaints from neighbors. I will say finding out that it wasn't G did provide a ton of relief, but I was still pretty ticked at the doorman/neighbors for not using their ears to realize the barking wasn't coming from my apartment at all (and thus, making my mom come home early from the game). What can you do?

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  1. I'm writing a whole slew of posts on SA and you might find some useful information there that might help you get her off the collar . . .