Sunday, May 15, 2011

Riding in Cars with Pups

Today, G and I had to make our way back to the Upper West Side from the Lower East Side. As it's going to be raining in the city for the next week (yuck), I was a little nervous about getting a cab to stop and pick up a pittie in the rain.

As a quick background, it's a law in NYC that if you hail a cab, a free driver must pick you up and take you to the destination you ask. That being said, it doesn't stop free cabs from passing you without stopping when they see you have a dog - especially a larger dog. On some occasions, I've waited up to 20 minutes and walked miles (literally) before anyone has stopped to pick us up. That being said, when the cabbies do stop and take G and me, 99% of the time they are super friendly and dog lovers themselves.

Anyways, I wanted to share some tips on how I have G ride in cabs when we have to hail one.
  1. While waiting for a cab, I make G sit or lie down on the sidewalk so approaching cabs can see she is a well-behaved pup.
  2. I always assure any driver who stops to pick us up that she will ride on the floor or entirely in my lap (ie won't touch the seat) for the duration of the ride. I've heard suggestions about bringing a clean blanket for pups to lie down on if they can't fit on your lap or by your feet, this is also a great idea (as long as it isn't covered in hair to begin with).
  3. I always tip between 25-30%. In some ways, I hope this gives some good juju to the next rider the driver may spot that has a pup. It also to show that dog owners truly appreciate the cabbie's stopping for us.
Although G tends to sit up if the cab is in stop and go traffic, once we get cruising (ie on the West Side Highway or the FDR), she usually lays right down and nods off. 

Here's today view from the footwell of the cab (zzzzzzz):

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