Monday, November 21, 2011

Walking "Club"

G and I had a wonderful experience yesterday together when we met up with a co-worker and her pittie to go for a long walk around the neighborhood.

As I've mentioned, G has been struggling with leash reactivity (although this weekend, she was an absolute angel and even let other dogs - big and small! - greet her on-leash) and being a general Sass-a-frass to other pitties, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to knock off two birds with one stone. My co-worker's pittie, P, also has various leash reactivity and prey drive issues, so this walk was truly an educational experience any way you sliced it!

Lo and behold, both P and G were absolute angels - walking respectfully near to each other, while only give brief side-long glances at each other. P even sniffed G's bum at one point to zero reaction from G!

To be able to have two alpha-prone pups walk together (closely) for an extended period of time with no issues was so fantastic. Something my co-worker said during our outing really stuck with me: "You just want them to succeed so badly and achieve their potential." And when they do succeed - man, your heart just wants to burst!

We both agreed that we are definitely going to go walking together again and may even bring along my co-worker's other pup, D. I'm super excited and can't wait to get these guys together again (calmly)!

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