Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Report Card

Yesterday, G went to daycare after a seriously rainy weekend, which she spent mostly asleep at home (read: had a lot of energy to diffuse). The daycare I take her to is different than most I've encountered in that they don't allow you in the space with your dog to pick-up and drop-off, but rather ask you to call. As they don't (currently) have a way to obstruct the front door from the prying/excitable eyes of pooches, this "no knocking" approach works to keep the dogs calmer when entering and exiting the facility.

Because of the way drop-off and pick-up is coordinated, I typically don't get a good deal of time to chat with her caretakers unless I speak with them over the phone. Yesterday, however, when I picked her up, I began to chat with the girl who brought her out and as it turned out, my little pooch received glowing reviews!

Apparently, G plays all day (All. Day.) with only a brief nap that she's essentially forced to take (nap time for all pups!). She shows no food or toy aggression to the other dogs and typically doesn't bark unless she hears me on the phone (no, seriously). Further, she plays with other pits, rotties and generally bigger dogs all day long with no issues at all!

I am both incredibly proud and incredible confused at this behavior. While I've never seen her show food aggression, but she has been known to get sassy around her toys (with me or other dogs in my presence). She barks a LOT as people pass by our apartment door - something we're working on, but which still is my number one frustration. And finally, she isn't always the most prim and proper on leash with other dogs (especially other pits) and any dog in our apartment lobby. Sass-a-frass to say the least!

Clearly, the common part in the equation above is yours truly - G is going into a different mode of behavior when I'm around vs. not.

That being said, it makes me hopeful that her behavior is A+ at daycare, because it means that through hard work, we can get it going at home as well! Fingers crossed (and perhaps the name of a good trainer!).

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