Monday, August 15, 2011

i heart Bryant Park

One of our typical Friday evening activities is to troop from our apartment in the UWS down to 40th/5th to pick up my boyfriend, J, at work. From there, we walk even further east (usually to Lexington or Third Avenue) to hail a cab down to the Lower East Side.

The walk exhausts G (and me mentally, to be perfectly honest) as it requires a lot of concentration to go through busy Midtown with a dog. You need to have complete control over your pup and the novelty of seeing a dog in Midtown, for tourists at least, can cause quite a commotion. Remaining calm is paramount - and I don't always succeed!

By the time we make it to our destination, Bryant Park, G is usually pooped and spreads herself out on the cool concrete in front of the library while we wait for J to wrap things up. Those (relatively) quiet moments in the Park are a great way to relax right before delving into a busy weekend - something both G and I appreciate immensely!

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