Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lobbying for Calm

As I mentioned yesterday and have a few times before, G has some leash aggression issues when coming into and out of our lobby (with me). Our apartment building is, thankfully, very dog friendly and from yorkies and dachshunds, to labs and even Burmese Mountain Dogs, our building has all types (and sizes) of pups.

I have been working on myself to remain as calm as possible when passing through the lobby area regardless of whether dogs are present. I'm getting better and so is G (especially with small or older dogs), but we still have a few "arch enemies" that she will just bellow at!

One dog in particular, a young chocolate lab, really gets under G's skin and vice versa. At first, I thought it was G insighting the barking, but as it turns out, I think they both start to wind each other up equally!

The owners of the lab are super friendly (thank goodness) and we give each other a wide berth, but I'm interested in putting this issue to rest as the couple has 2 small twin babies. Needless to say, when the dogs get to barking and pulling, it can be overwhelming to control their behavior when you add in a giant stroller to maneuver.

That being said, this morning, I ran into the lab and his owner as I typically do on weekdays and ended up leaving a note for them with the security guard on duty. Inspired by Two Pitties in the City and all of the amazing things they do - I asked the owner if they wanted to try walking the dogs together (albeit, with a LOT of space inbetween)!

Not sure if they got the note and I made it clear, no pressure from me to participate or even answer me, but I'm hoping they respond so we can start to make our strolls through the lobby a tiny bit less "eventful."

Stay tuned!!

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