Monday, August 29, 2011

Just Kidding

Well, our old gal Irene (at least for residents of Manhattan) is becoming known as the storm that never was. Granted, it was very rainy and yesterday afternoon was crazy windy, but all in all there was minimal damage and no major issues near my neck of the woods related to the storm.

The chance of a muted storm, however, did not preclude me like so many others from stocking up at Whole Foods on Friday afternoon. It was absolutely jammed at the store in Tribeca (glad I didn't try the UWS location) and the shelves were picked over and sometimes empty!

My boyfriend ended up staying with me and G and the cats for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as his apartment is very close to what was termed Zone "A" - basically, the area where if flooding happens, you're S.O.L. I picked up a lot of non-perishable items, along with fruits and veggies in case the power went out. We also picked up the requisite 24-pack of water, 2 6-packs of beer and 3 bottles of wine, because, you know, why not?

Like many, we never lost power/cable or had any leaks, and it was actually a pretty fun weekend, despite being seemingly trapped indoors. We watched several Netflix instant queue items and lots and lots of hurricane coverage (I need a break from the Weather Channel). I also learned about G's special talent of simply "pinching" it for 20 hours (she was not interested in wee-wee pads).

The grey days were great for sleeping in and the residual effects on the transportation systems caused a 12pm start at work (although, because I can bike, I was in normally).

All in all, I feel very lucky the storm wasn't worse and that we're able to get back to all things non-Irene related! :)

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