Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Preparedness!

Well, it looks like Irene is ramping up to blanket NYC (and the rest of the east coast) this weekend and I have been in full hurricane preparedness mode since yesterday (Kara, if you're reading this, I know you will attest that I was a little crazed about it last night ... a little ...)!

For G, who hates even the lightest sprinkle of rain on her coat, I've picked up some adult wee wee pads for the weekend. I am relieved that this simple option will allow her to remain indoors, away from any damaging winds or flood waters. Fingers crossed she'll be able to figure it out!

Further, after discussing various scenarios with some hurricane-seasoned Floridians, I received the following tips:
  • Pick up cash - if power is out, credit cards won't work!
  • Water - with extreme flooding, make sure you have ample water on hand. This could mean anything from filling up your bathtub and sinks, to buying bottle water. Remember, if you have any pets, you should think of their needs, too! 
  • Food - my mom suggested picking up a cheap cooler to store refrigerator/freezer contents if we do in fact loose power - a bag of ice too! For the pets, make sure you have at least a 3-4 day supply of meals stored up!
  • Flashlights/batteries - make sure you have a least one strong flashlight with back up batteries (in case you need access dark areas, like internal stairwells)
  • Battery-powered fans - if you do lose power, remember, it's August and it's going to be warm. A battery-powered personal fan can help get the stale air moving when you are unable to open your windows.
  • Board games, books and booze. Definitiely high priority in a hurricane!
Anyone else have any hurricane suggestions?

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