Monday, May 16, 2011

Street Sweepin' G

My adorable little goose, G, has a horrible habit of eating anything and everything she might find on the street. I consider her special talent for finding almost any piece of edible (and inedible) leftovers on the street a gift that the Sanitation Department might want to patent.

This ability to spot any delicacy with her nose might not be the worst thing in the world if I could count on the streets being impeccably clean. However, especially when I used to live about a night club in Midtown, this isn't always possible in my lovely little NYC.

From the time she was a baby, I can't even count the amount of rarities I've plucked from her chompers. Twizzlers, nails, day-old bagels, rat carcasses, chicken bones, cereal, shoes, thisclose to a fish head (in Tribeca, no less - what the heck?!), etc. etc. etc.

To combat this lovely tendency, I read up and decided that I would train her with small cookies placed strategically closer and closer to her. She would be told to Wait. and then after a good amount of time, she would hear Ok. and could have her snack.

Well, practice makes perfect, and she's getting better now that's she's 3 and a half. She's even able to balance the cookies on her feet and smile (stare vacantly) for a quick picture while she's waiting a la the below:

Still, she has some trouble with a particular fragrant piece of chicken (which are seriously everywhere on Sunday mornings), but we're working on it and I'm pretty proud of her progress so far!

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