Thursday, May 26, 2011

oh, the humidity!

As you might have heard from my post a few days ago, G and her limp have recently parted ways thanks to the anti-inflammatory medication, Rimadyl. I also mentioned that G has also since reunited with her undying energy supply and can be a handful when I get home from work and on her daily walks. So. Much. Energy.

That being said, summer has recently started to peak out from behind the rainclouds (seriously, about ten days of rain) and while at first it was so gorgeous I almost couldn't stand it, the trademark NYC humidity has recently begun rearing its ugly head. Now, I've been to Florida several times and I personally feel that the humidity in Manhattan in the summer months easily rivals that of Orlando in the dead of July.

As much as I am allergic to humidity, it seems to take its toll on G even more so. Whereas she used to drag me down to the park so she could lay in the sun or sniff in the grass, over the past two days she's been dragging me into my building's lobby so she can lay on the cool tile and soak in the air conditioning. Honestly, I've been tempted to join her more than once.

"Go outside? No thanks, I'd rather stay here..."

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