Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fallish Saturdays: Dress-up and Your Dog

G and I had a great weekend frolicking around SoCo (South of Columbia University - apparently this is the nickname of our neighborhood), showing off our matching fall style. G kicked it in her knit letterman sweater supporting our most favorite college team and I couldn't help myself by wearing a matching sweatshirt. We were truly a site to behold (I'm sure)!

What I find refreshing about dressing G up is that people find her much more approachable when she's decked out. In Riverside Park, a man and his young son asked if he could take a quick snapshot to send to his friend (apparently an SU alum) and G received many more smiles than normal from strangers we passed on the street.

What's more, on our way into our building, we passed our Super and Board President and her fan-gear even elicited a little giggle from them (which, if you know our history in the building, is a big win!).

Two Pitties in the City often talk about how dressing up your pooch can make them more approachable and help to break stereotypes when you're out walking your pups. 

What types of outfits have you dressed your pooches in that have received a good response?


  1. Mushroom's seat belt harness matches her head halter (both red), so we've gotten comments on that. We've recently started putting a coat on Mushroom, and this week, we started walking the dogs in their Halloween costumes for practice. People have been giving us weird looks for that. =P

  2. We always love any opportunity to deck them out. And where did you find a University dog sweater?
    PS. Not sure if you know...but I'm University of Kansas!

    1. I found the sweater in Syracuse at the local expansion of the campus bookstore (Shoppingtowne Mall shout out!). Here's a Jayhawks one: