Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (not really): No, I'm not winking ...

My poor little pup is having mega-eye issues.

I noticed on Monday when she was coming home from daycare, her right eye was draining excessively. When we woke up Tuesday morning, she was squinting, her interior eyelid was closing up and the draining hadn't ceased, so to the vet we go this evening to figure out what's going on.

I vaguely recall accidentally poking her in the eye on Monday as we got into a cab to go to daycare (yes, I feel awful), but I'm hoping that was just coincidental.

We'll update everyone tomorrow!


  1. Poor baby! I hope her eye gets better soon! Athena went through some eye issues a couple of weeks ago where she had super red eyes and lots of discharge, but both of her eyes were irritated. The vet gave us some medicated eye drops, and even though Athena HATES them, her eyes have cleared up.

    Keep us updated!

  2. Good luck baby girl!
    My sweet pea has goo eyes just from allergies and one time she scratched her eye from itching it. I had taken her to Walgreens with me and literally ran in for two seconds to put a movie in the redbox and came out and there she was with one eye totally shut. I panicked and started crying and called my friend who does rescue and calms my nerves over all things dog and she just told me don't worry, if it's not hanging out you're fine. The next day her eye opened up and once it was give time to heal we went back to make sure we weren't missing her eyedrop doses! Hopefully it will just be a minor scare for you and nothing to worry about!