Monday, October 1, 2012

The Walk Heard Round the World

...or around our apartment at the very least.

G has been a notoriously lazy walker for the past year. She's not going to be rushed for any one/mutt and she's going to take her time smelling the roses. As her dogwalker (I'm sure) lovingly described it: "She really likes to ...meander."

Well, it must be something in the fall air, because G was rip-roaring and ready to go yesterday at 8:30am and we managed a solid 2.5 mile walk all over Riverside and Hudson River Parks. It was a gorgeous day and this only increased the pep in G's step and she actually walked at a normal dog pace. Miraculous!

It was days like yesterday that remind us just how lucky we are to live in a city that values and maintains its extensive park system. Every time I think of leaving the city, I know it's things like the wonderful convenience of the parks that we will truly miss!

"I love water (except for rain)." - G

 "Are you seriously still taking pictures, Lady?" - G

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  1. You are lucky to have such great places to walk. What a view!