Saturday, May 19, 2012

Taking a Break

After a busy morning on our Big Apple Pittie Pack walk through Central Park, G made it with only three or four lay-down-and-sprawl-on-the-concrete, thank-you-very-much-I-am-finished-walking episodes. G and her puppy friend, Dosa, even walked back up north together after the walk concluded - it was really great! G and Dosa sniffed flowers and potty stains together all over the UWS.

Per usual, G (and I) came home and passed out. That's why I was surprised that around 3:30, G decided she wanted to go on another walk. Now, for most dogs, this wouldn't be big news, but for my little limping G, it's a pretty rare thing!

Well, we walked pretty slowly and she only went where she could be in the shade, but we had a great time! She made it 95% of the way back home and decided to take a breather, but I was so impressed with her endurance, I was happy to oblige her!

Tough life, eh?


  1. I just love her! That's great that she wanted to go for a second walk. :) Have you ever tried canine massage with her? I know it's helped a lot of dogs...