Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashionista: Monograms, Monograms Everywhere

I've recently posted on my obsession with all things custom and, thusly, all things Etsy. I've been pining for a monogram necklace for awhile now. I'm typically not that big into initials or monograms at all, but I wanted a way to "symbolically" join both myself and G on an elegant piece of jewelry, that I could where (everywhere).

Once again, this was a tall order to find a necklace that I could commit to:

  1. I wanted a small, engraved disc (no more than 1/2").
  2. Obviously, I was very picky about the script - I'm usually a minimalist, but when it comes to monograms - the curlier the better!
  3. Finally, I wanted my initials on one disc and G's single initial on another one.
Well, I searched and searched and finally found a great store, Gaudy Baubles, and quickly purchased the half inch monogram pendant. It was so simple and beautiful, I just fell in love.

The store didn't offer the option of 2 discs together - one with a full monogram and one with a single initial, so I convo'ed the store owner and she was more than happy to make me a custom bauble.

Well, the necklace came last week and I'm totally obsessed with it. The whole experience was a great one and I wear my necklace with pride. In a small way, I feel like a take a part of G with me when I wear it and that peace of mind is priceless! :)


  1. Thats so pretty! I love jewelry that signifies something dear to the person wearing it.

  2. That's beautiful.

    My Mom is wishing for a ring with all our birthstones & names.