Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Collar Time!!

It's spring time and that means new collar time for G! 

As with most things dog-related, I'm very (borderline ridiculously) picky about what I purchase for her. Form, function and (usually) cost all need to align in a trifecta of doggie perfection in order for me to commit to a sale, and G's newest collar is no exception.

G is a (in my mind at least) delicate little flower of a drama queen who will only don the most girlish of accessories. I do this both because a) it accentuates her hourglass figure - heh and b) I think it adds a bit of approachability to a dog that most people would shy away from. For instance, Two Pitties in the City have had several posts about Miss M and Mr. B's various outfits and apparel. I love seeing Miss M in her tutu frolicking around Chicago's various neighborhoods, getting pets and usually pictures from strangers, big and small.

So the criteria for G's new spring collar was as follows:
  • Girly (borderline prissy)
  • Narrow - this collar is not used to attach her leash, thus I don't want an oversized, bulky "necklace" that overwhelms her smaller figure
  • No plastic buckles - metal only (she's a classy canine, what can I say)
  • Unique (read: custom), but not a majillion dollars
My favorite place for custom and usually inexpensive doggie accessories is Etsy (okay, let's be honest, my favorite place pretty much period is Etsy). I lucked out in finding the wonderful store of r.e.stowe and found G's super girly, 3/4" wide, 18-22" long, metal buckled spring fashionista collar:
pink and green jacobean metal buckle dog collar (3/4 inch)
It came yesterday and it is the CUTEST thing in the whole wide world. Ever. Not to mention, the shop owner was very responsive, super fast and nice! G literally pranced around the street last night and stopped to show every doorman her newest "outfit." 

I tried to snap a picture, but G was really busy chewing her bone and bouncing around so it was somewhat difficult to get a good shot (note the blurry noggin):


  1. Hmmm... Maybe it's time to get new collars for Mushroom and Badger, too. Stop tempting me! =)

  2. Picking out new collars is one of my favorite activities. I like the new collar, it looks super cute!

  3. I love it. I am completely obsessed with getting new collars for my pups lately. I've found a few cute ones on Etsy too, but my favorite place is Collar Mania. The Collar Shop and Sirius Republic are good too.

    Lately I've been trying to find some nice waterproof collars.

  4. Very pretty and fit for a Princess. She will be the envy of her furiends.