Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today is a misty day, a good day for G to stay indoors and play with her toys. G is a one lucky pittie and has a wide array of toys courtesy of your truly. That being said, like a good pup, I could spend $100 on the latest, greatest toy on the market and she will, invariably, play with a crumpled up a piece of paper.

One of G's favorite "toys" in her $3 fleece blanket I purchased at the corner Walgreen's on a whim. She just loves to frog-leg on the floor and quietly chew and rip the maroon fabric to shreds:

Especially when she is having an energy surplus, she likes a whole bunch of toys out her basket and spread them around the her. She usually spends about 5 minutes chewing or playing with each until she moves on to the next. Sometimes, I like to mess with her by touching a toy she's not playing with - it immediately draws her attention and she almost doesn't know what to do with herself. But sometimes, I'm a nice puppy parent and leave her alone:

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