Monday, June 20, 2011

Positive Pittie (slash Dogo Argentino) Press

Cover ImageMy most recent literary adventure (I'm really cruising through my dog-centric bookshelf lately!) is the story of the horribly disfigured, delightfully loveable Dogo Argentino, Oogy, chronicled in Oogy: the dog only a family could love by Larry Levin.

The biography of this former bait dog - and let's be honest, he wasn't a dog, but a two-month old puppy when a brutal attack left him with half a face - is a very quick and actually reaffirming read. While I cannot read descriptions of fighting dogs or of the actual attack that left Oogy's face so distorted, the sweet stories and numerous anecdotes through the book made me want to hug my own pup (G was thoroughly confused). More than anything, the story is a testament of the forgiving nature of a dog's soul and the deep connection that can be forged between owner and pet.

Mr. Levin draws a parallel between the fateful adoption of his own twin boys and the serendipitous way Oogy came into their lives, an adopted boy as well. Throughout the book, the themes of simple joys and understanding between humans and dogs is surprisingly touching.
I've passed along the book to a co-worker with two pitties and I'm hoping she enjoys it as much as I did!

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  1. I was interested in this book; it's nice to hear it's a good read.