Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Etsy & Pittie Art

I like to consider my taste casual chic - I'd love to have my home resemble a Pottery Barn or L.L.Bean catalog, but alas my bank account severely limits the amount of $100 tchotchkes I can hang on my walls.

That being said, Etsy is truly an arts and crafts lovers paradise - the things you can find on this site are amazing! From clothes to paintings to custom furniture, if you can imagine it, it's probably on Etsy (and it's probably quite affordable!).

As a pittie and general animal lover, I love finding unique animal art (hey, Ikea prints are great, but having something that no one else has is kind of cool!). Recently I purchased these 2 prints from the seller memorydust:

Bull Terrier - Vintage DICTIONARY Art Print - 8x10
Bulldog - Vintage DICTIONARY Art Print - 8x10
They are screen prints of a bull terrior and bulldog on actual vintage dictionary pages. I ended up framing them in Ikea's black RIBBA frame and they hang in my front hallway right when you walk in (I'll post pictures later). I love having the unique artwork that really represents my interests, and cost all in less than $40 - I'm a fan!

G's thoughts? Super. Excited.

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