Friday, June 10, 2011

Meeting Ms. Peters

As I've mentioned before, G and her sister L were rescued from Animal Care & Control (ACC) on East 110th street by Broadway legend, Bernadette Peters. Ms. Peters, a strong supporter of animal rescue, knew she was saving the lives of two tiny, sickly, parvo-filled puppies in the nick of time. She whisked the two girls to the Animal Medical Center in midtown and the rest is history!

Each year, Ms. Peters and Mary Tyler Moore host a fundraiser in Shubert's Alley (Times Square) called Broadway Barks. Two years ago, when G and L were a year and half, my friend Paul (L's owner) and I decided to take the girls to meet and thank Ms. Peters, who was doing a book signing that afternoon.

After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, it was finally our turn to meet Bernadette. Paul picked up both G and L as I said "Ms. Peters, you may not remember but a little over a year ago you rescued 2 puppies from the ACC in December -" Without missing a beat, her face immediately lit up and she yelled out "The Parvo Puppies?!" She was so excited to see the girls and pet and kissed them. She leaned over toward me and said "Do you know what we used to call them? Mary Kate and Ashley because they were so skinny!"

Both Paul and I thanked her over and over for rescuing the girls and, ultimately, bringing them into our lives. What's nice is that as we were in this moment, the paparazzi were on site snapping away (my first, and dare I say last run in with these guys):

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