Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Long Time No Blog!

Phew! It's been a busy past couple of weeks on my end and I apologize for the absence of posts!

Last weekend was a bit nuts after one of my cats, M, ended up (WARNING: put down your sandwiches) ruptured an anal sac on Saturday evening. I rushed him to the vet with what I can only describe as a gaping hole on right side of his backside. It was super gross - essentially it looked like you were seeing in to an open wound - to the point that even when his regular vet saw him on Tuesday (at which point, significant healing had already happened) she said "Whoa, that's a bad one!"

He's been on all sorts of meds and has been healing up nicely although these type of wounds are not stitched. They simply heal on their own and, to be honest, all he has left is a little scab where the burst happened. M was also a model patient as I ferried him back and forth to all sorts of appointments. He's super laid back, doesn't mind poking and prodding and is always up for a kittie treat.

I've restrained myself from posting pictures of the wound because it's still early, but all is well!

G is also doing very well and I will post later in the week about what's going on with her (lots), but for now, I'd like to call your attention to a great new blog I found over the weekend (thank you to my colleague for bringing this to my attention) called The Crooked Dog Blog. Gorgeous (LUCKY) pup, heartbreaking story and  a hopefully happy ending for this little guy. Please visit if you haven't already seen it!

Photo credit: The Crooked Dog Blog

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