Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A(nother) New Daycare (Part 3)

As I mentioned in the last post, these last weeks have been a bit nuts. Why, you may ask? Well, last Sunday I received a text message from G's daycare, saying "Hi! We decided to move from our 94th Street location yesterday. It was a last minute decision, but hope G can still come to our 60th Street facility." Last minute? I would say so - I had already laid out her jacket/leash for daycare the next day!

Per usual, I immediately went through a range of emotions - angry, sad and anxious. It seems over the past few months, affordable daycare options in the "upper" Upper West Side are dwindling fast!

To ease the tension last week, I scheduled additional walks with G's fabulous dog walker as I began my hunt for the third new daycare in 6 months. I've considered just sticking to walks, but G really looks forward to and exhausts herself at daycare so I consider the money very well spent.

After Googling like a crazy person, I found a day care one block south, on 93rd Street. It was definitely more expensive and much more formal than other daycares, but it had received many good reviews and had been operating successfully for many years.I called and, lo and behold, they offered a package that would allow G to attend twice a week for the same price as her old daycare! Not to mention, it was a much cleaner and more reputable location. I was thrilled!

G went in for her first day this past Saturday (a half day to test things out) and she was extremely well-behaved. She was even given a Nylabone and quietly chewed it in the corner after I left (well, after 10 minutes of where-the-heck-am-I? barking). She also attended daycare for the full-day and overnight on Sunday and things when swimmingly! She even came back smelling like a clean, yummy pup (something I've found is not always a given at boarding facilities).

So needless to say, G now has steady daycare again and all is right with the world (phew!). To be honest, one of the first questions I asked when I called the new place was if they had a 5 year business plan (I am over all these changes!). The owner said to me that they plan to stay on the UWS for as long as possible and are even looking to expand. Fingers crossed they stay in the same location!

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  1. So crazy that the daycare can change locations so suddenly!