Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doing Our "Home"work

As I mentioned in yesterday's entry, I have been quietly investigating apartments here in NYC. On Tuesdays, G doesn't go to daycare or have a walk during the workday (it's her day off!), so I took the opportunity to take her with me to visit a potential apartment after I got home.

The place we wanted to walk by is about 11 blocks north of my current apartment. I've actually never gone that far north of where I live and so I was feeling a bit unfamiliar with the neighborhood and what I would encounter. I have to say, in instances like this, I am so glad I have a larger dog that I can take with me at dusk. As a female, living (and usually walking) alone, it's a bit of insurance to have G with me.

So, anyways, we toodled up to apartment and, lo and behold, the neighborhood was fantastic! It was very vibrant, a lot of foot traffic and, being a stone's throw from Columbia University's front gate, there were a diverse assortment of folks all of over the place. I was so relieved!

We spoke a bit with the doorman of the building, who was very friendly, and on the return trip even received 3 compliments as to how beautiful G was within 2 blocks - wow, that's never happened! That being said, I'm feeling warm fuzzies about the potential of this apartment and hope all goes well when I actually get to look inside tomorrow evening (G won't join for that adventure). Fingers crossed and positive vibes welcome!

Phew - I'm tired now, too!

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