Monday, November 12, 2012

Diet Goosie: Same Pup, Fewer Calories

As today is a bank holiday in observance of Veteran's Day, G and I are parked on the couch trying to catch up on some of the work we missed when Sandy blew through. All in all, G's a pretty good work from home buddy. She takes up residence on the other end of the couch from me and snores through a solid 5-6 hours of me typing away before she's ready for her first potty break.

I snapped this shot of G curled up into a little ball next to me. In the interest of full disclosure, I've been trying to get G to lose a little weight recently as she used to be about 46 lbs. and has spiked to 50 - whoops! In addition to reducing strain on her joints and knees that extra weight adds, when our vet commented that she's starting to look a bit like a square coffee table from the top, I decided it was probably time to go on a diet.

That being said, despite what this picture shows, we've been pretty successful so far. She's lost probably 2 pounds (although we have to go to the vet to confirm this) through reducing the amount of food she gets per feeding (by no more than a quarter cup) and replacing traditional doggy treats with baby carrots in a Kong (she LOVES them).

Slowly, I'm start to see the outline of waist and G even seems a little more game to take long walks.

Any other diet tricks for your pups?


  1. Our most successful diet trick has been replacing half of their morning kibble with green beans and getting the regular amount at dinner. Also me harping on my boyfriend to stop over-scooping their food which he is TOTALLY guilty of! I once watched him and I was like whoa, whoa, that's what you feed all the time? Not okay! He was like, "That's a cup!" as it was well over the cup line... I put a stop to that!

  2. She looks so sweet curled up on the couch:) I work from home too so my pups have to occupy themselves til the afternoon. Since they're young we haven't had to worry about diets yet, but the mini carrots are a good idea!