Friday, September 21, 2012

TGIF: We Heart Parks!!

Well, in honor of fall and the return of one of our favorite shows "Parks & Rec," I figured I should post some shots of G enjoying our closest park (Riverside - the best one!!). You can tell how excited G is because she's in her requisite frog legs pose.

And, because it's Friday, G would like to remind you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather this weekend:


  1. Favorite park and tennis ball what could be better?

    Your video made our Sweet Pea do that silly head tilt and she almost turned her head completely upside down as you barked. I think she was a little worried you were stuck in the computer.


  2. She has the biggest smile in these photos!

  3. She is SO darn cute! She is also the frog leg queen, I love it!