Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Not Moving, Can't Make Me

G is a professional stop-and-dropper.

When she's done walking or doesn't want to go in a certain direction (ie away from any type of plant life she could possibly ingest), she simply puts on the brakes and lies down. This was cute the first 4 or 5 times she executed The Flop, but nowadays, it's pretty boring. Imagine getting all amped up to go for a walk, only to have Debbie Downer on the other end of the leash decide she's finished with the outing (I'll let you figure out which end of the leash I'm referencing).

In any event, this past Saturday, G parked it with stick in hand (er, mouth?) smack in the center of the sidewalk so that all who walked past her had no choice but to comment. I swear, sometimes, this dog knows what she's doing!

She got all sorts of smiles, laughs and affection from passers by and also was able to play Photoshoot Diva to one Columbia University student who wanted to use her as a subject for a photography class.

I decided I should probably snap a quick shot, too and if nothing else, at this angle you can at least tell that G is thinning out a bit (mommy is on a diet, so we're allll on a diet).

About 10 minutes later, once said stick was significantly destroyed, we got to walking again.

How do you motivate your pups to move when they just don't want to move?


  1. I can't help with any experience in this department but I must say this post is hilarious! She's even got her frog legs out, haha!

  2. We have more issues with stopping! I'd bring treats that she really likes, and maybe try to lure her with a stick?
    G looks great, love her triangle spot!

  3. Yeah we have more trouble slowing down. Schultz and Tess are both epic pullers, I think they think they are my personal trainers and I am walking too slow...