Sunday, April 15, 2012

Confessions of Canine Drama Queen

G and I attended the sixth Big Apple Pittie Pack walk yesterday in beautiful (and crowded!) Central Park.

As we've documented over the past few months, G has been struggling with her limp a bit on longer walks, but recently (thank you, Gentle Leader!) it's gotten significantly better. The Rimadyl seems to have started working again and we can take long-ish walks without too much fear of overexertion (within reason).

Since G and I are in charge of selecting routes, we typically end up leading the walk for part of the time (when she can keep up), trading off when she gets distracted (did someone just pee?).

Well, yesterday, G got about 93% of the way through the walk and decided, okay, I'm finished now. How did she let everyone know? She parked it. Just stopped walking and went for the attention-seeking belly splay.

I call this the "I is finished now- please to give me kisses," act!


  1. This was too funny! Everytime I think about it I giggle!

  2. How long is the typical Big Apple Pittie Pack walk?

    1. We do an hour, but It was warm out yesterday (the first summer like day we've had) and G was Over. It.!

  3. Ha! Oh no, were you able to finish? Too cute.

  4. Well at least she made it abundantly clear! I love it!

  5. Hahaha, G. you are a cutie. When Pea first joined us on walks she would just flatten out in the middle of the path.

    I may have to give your trick a try next time I get tired.