Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sneak Attack

As is evidenced by the sheer volume of shots I've posted of G napping away on my bed, G sleeps with me. I know, I know, some folks are strongly opposed to sharing a bed with your pups, but for me, it's a nice time of the day, when G is an ultimate snuggle-butt and we get some quality time before dozing off.

I've tried in the past to keep her off my bed and on the floor. It works for about 3 hours and then she's up sitting at the foot of my bed, whining in her high-pitched voice and I cave. Yes, I am sucker.

In the past, I've mentioned before G's sleep habits are those of legend - see this post - and especially in the colder months she is a fiend for under-cover time.

My favorite thing to do when I know she's in the process of a gnarly pass-out it is to sneak attack her with the camera, hoping to catch a hilarious moment. I make sure she's well into Dreamland (this is fairly easy to spot, as she starts to twitch, chase and bark in her sleep), lift up the covers just enough to see her snout and SNAP!

Yes, that is G's tongue trying to make the great escape (a signature after-day-care pose). Sometimes, I wonder who has more patience in our relationship - me or her! :)


  1. New to your blog and Love it :) G is too cute!

  2. What....I thought all doggies snozzzzed in a nice comfy bed. That's were we get our best Zzzz's or on MY couch ;)