Saturday, January 7, 2012

Positive Pittie Press

Well, this isn't so much positive press as it is positive pittie reinforcement - but, hey, I take it where I can get it! :)

I guess I can start to spill the beans - my mom and I are in the process of purchasing an apartment in NYC. We've just finished the Board Book process and hope to move at some point before the end of February!

Before my Board Book (which is basically your life, laid out in every painstaking detail, printed and bound for the Board of a co-op to peruse and review) could be finalized, I had to swing by Midtown yesterday to sign several documents. I met up with my broker and was taken to a small seating area in amongst broker offices. Lo and behold, there was a large photo-mural on the wall (these images were used in the company's most-recent marketing campaigns) and look what I spied with my little eye:

A black-nosed, white headed, padiddled pittie!! Basically a spitting image of G (minus the dark ear and darker coat), I was so pleased to see this! Aside from being really freakin' cute, it made me so happy to see a pittie represented so beautifully in a national marketing campaign. Sweet!


  1. That's great! I love spotting pitties in ads like that. Especially with that little pug next to it!

  2. Yay to the positive pittie ad!!! We have never heard of a Board Book before, but I am pretty sure we would not like doing one. Hoping all goes well & you LOVE your new place.