Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SO Excited!

As a New Yorker, I love to have things delivered. Food, furniture, clothes, food, sundries, oh yeah and food.

One thing that I've found doesn't typically get delivered however is pet food and supplies. Well, correction, they get delivered, but you have to pay an astronomical shipping or delivery fee in order to have anything sent (think kitty litter or 40 lb. bags of dog food). Because of this, many an evening you can find me dragging a 25 lb. box of litter back from the local Petco (granted, it's only about 5 blocks away, but G can make that walk excruciating as she likes to take her sweet time).

Recently, the creators of and sent out a notice that they were planning on setting up, which would cater specifically to pet owners. Well, today is the day apparently and I am SO excited! The thought of having the brand of litter of my choosing delivered to my door (usually on the same business day!!), with the possibility of free shipping honestly makes my heart skip!

Further, the thought of paying a slightly better price for these supplies (ie not NYC-standard cat litter prices) also brings a smile to my face.

G, per usual, is also very excited:

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  1. Pet food delivery...I would be so excited too! I was "lucky" in my first apartment that the pet store was only about a block away. That still entailed me carrying that huge, heavy bag back over the el train tracks (there was a sidewalk level train and I hated waiting for the train to pass through) and back to my apartment.