Monday, June 18, 2012

The Art of Snoring

If you are an even somewhat causal reader of this blog, it is no secret that G is a Super Sleeper. As she's grown up (she's 4 and a half, whattttt?! when the heck did this happen??) she's become more and more serious about sleeping for sport and this pup can contort herself into almost any shape you could imagine.

Here, for example, she imitates a super-sized, sideways bunny rabbit on a bender.  You should have heard the noises coming out of her snout.

Or, perhaps this impression of a stressed out television antenna (based on ear position) who just smelled something unpleasant will help you understand just how important G's naps are to her.

Stay tuned for much more!


  1. Oh cute, love the bunny ears!

  2. awww so sweet!! Schultz likes to sleep with his face smooshed up in a blanket

  3. That's some good Zzzzz's. Happy Dreaming.