Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adoptable Pittie: Rajah

This is a heart-breaking story that we can hopefully spin into a happy ending:

Basically, this gorgeous tiger-coated pup was originally adopted by a young woman a few years back, who, when her relationship ended, left the dog with her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend wasn't able to keep Rajah, so he and his sister (my co-worker) worked tirelessly to get this prettie young lady adopted by a middle aged man. 

Shortly after the adoption, the new owner was evicted from his apartment and, instead of trying to explain his circumstances or contact the rescue, literally left Rajah in the apartment to fend for herself.

When Rajah's picture popped up in the newspaper, my co-worker was stunned and devastated - quickly going into overdrive to try and get this girl a home (as you can see by the pictures, she's a doll!). 

She is currently at Hi Tor Animal Shelter (low kill, not no kill) and has to be adopted through them. This is the contact info for the shelter and a link to her on Petfinder:
Hi Tor Animal Shelter
65 Firemen's Memorial Drive
Pomona, NY 10970

Any interest we can generate for her at this point would be great, as we all want to see her end up in a good home - she's had too many disappointments!


  1. Praying for a happy ending for this girl. She has been through way more than she ought to have at this point as it is. She deserves her happy ending. What is wrong with people? And to think we are suppose to be the superior being......I doubt that on a DAILY basis. Please keep us posted.

  2. Rajah is stunning! Fingers & paws crossed that she finds her forever home soon.

  3. I can't believe how common it is for people to leave their dogs in an apartment/backyard when they move. What goes through someone's mind to follow through. Good luck with the gorgeous Rajah!